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Your home healthcare agency faces many challenges. Documentation and billing are overwhelming. Ensuring accurate care plan adherence is challenging. Knowing that the right caregiver is with the right patient at the right time is extremely demanding.

At Dial-N-Document™ we understand your challenges.

Eliminate data entry & paperwork

Immediately access field documentation

No technical expertise needed

Multilingual capabilities

Accurate documentation for every visit

Save money


No Upfront Costs

With Dial-N-Document™ you only pay for the services you use. No monthly minimums. No initial setup fees.

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Care Plan Adherence

With Dial-N-Document™ you decide which items are collected on a visit and how.

Ensure that orders are documented accurately and track compliance.

Reduce time spent reviewing documentation, collecting missed documentation, and entering data manually.

Caregivers using telephony will hear a real human voice prompting them to document specific items that have been ordered. Mobile web app users are provided a visual care plan roadmap.

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Point of Care

With the Dial-N-Document™ mobile web app your caregivers can easily document single item events, daily visits and complex nurse notes.

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Accurate Time & Attendance

With Dial-N-Document™ you have multiple methods for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

Landline & Mobile Phone Verification
Biometric Voice Verification
Fixed Point Verification
Near Field Communication & Bluetooth
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